A little surprise


Chris and I were working in the backyard today on a special little corner of the yard for me.  We put down some of the black weed-control fabric around some small trees that I planted in a circular area.  Eventually we will put some bricks or flat rocks in the inner circular area to make a small patio area where a small table and a few chairs can go.  I plan to add some peonies and other nice flowers next year if not this fall.  I have a May Day tree, a Pin Cherry, and 4 lilacs that should be different varieties and they are just blooming this year finally.  Well, Chris was bringing up some granite rocks that some friends gave us last year.  The rocks are going to line the area containing the trees and then we will fill in some mulch.  When he picked up one of the rocks he uncovered a little bird nest with some teennnnny tiny birds.  I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone before we hurriedly put the rock back.  We stepped back to watch and see if the mother came back to the babies.  We were so worried she would quit caring for the little birds because we had disturbed the area.  She came back though and it looks as if all is well for the tiny little creatures under my last rock.  I will post the pictures later after I figure out how with this new blog.


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  1. So cute! I found some bird eggs on the ground at my in-laws on Saturday but I’m pretty sure they weren’t supposed to be there, the ants were trying to carry them off :O(
    So….how about a picture of your backyard project! It sounds pretty! I adore peonies, I ordered one a while back and it says its back ordered until OCTOBER!!!!!!

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