solstice and invisible lightning


Yesterday was June 21st, the longest day of the year.  In Alaska during the summer solstice it doesn’t get dark.  We went to the festivities down town and enjoyed walking the streets looking at the handmade goodies and watching people gorging on fattening junk and pointing at teenagers with metal barbs in their faces.  I did end up getting a soft serve ice cream cone from Fancy Freeze which was fantastic and I snapped pictures with the sun still shining bright late into the evening. 

 930 pm in Fairbanks, AK     Chalk Drawing down town

I saw my friend Gretchen there who is soon leaving me.  She’ll be driving to Nashville to meet up with our mutual friend Linda.  The brat!  


We went to a wedding earlier in the day for our friends Monica and Kent.  It was absolutely beautiful and HOT!!!!!  We sat through a very long ceremony in a small sweltering church…… but it was so beautiful!  They are a beautiful couple and I’m so happy for them.  The service was perfect too.  I enjoyed every minute of it (except when I had to stand repeatedly with my skirt plastered to my butt with sweat).  They were married at the Immaculate Conception catholic church which is a historic church in Fairbanks.  It is very beautiful inside.  The reception was very nice too and we had a wonderful time.  We saw so many people we hadn’t seen in so long.  Most of them friends of my husbands but it was interesting to see how many of the people knew each other through different ways.  The wife of one of my husband’s friends grew up next to another guys wife in another state.  It’s a small world.

Today it is raining, with occasional gusts of clean air being forced through my screens.  I love the smell of rain.  I don’t like thunder though or invisible lightning.  The sky is so bright you can’t see anything but a light grey misty looking sky.  We usually like to count the seconds to see how far away the storm is but you can’t see the lightning.  Only occasionally can you see the house lights flicker and nearly go out.  Fun.

My dad got remarried today.  I hear it was a nice wedding.  I can’t wait to see the pictures.  They will be here on the 15th of July so I can see them too.  I hear they are a good match…..both as ornery as the other.

Let me know what you think of this post.

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