Letters from Home


If you could really reach out and take the hand of a soldier, shake it, and tell him how you really feel about what he is out there doing for our country what exactly would you say?  I think about this all the time but I recently got the opportunity to send an email that will be read by some of those soldiers.  I am a member of soldiersangels.org and I heard about a group of Marines that would like to hear from us.  You can visit http://www.onemarinesview.com/one_marines_view/2008/06/letters-from-ho.html to read more. 

I sincerely hope they receive a lot of support and encouraging emails.  I know I often lay awake at night and think about them out there in a foreign land fighting for freedom and the rights of others…… and I pray for their safety and for their souls.  My heart goes out to each of them and to their families. 

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  1. LOL this is why I never walk up to the soldiers I see, cos I just don’t know what to say 😉
    anyway, “hi” from another angel 🙂

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