I got a new camera!!!!


whooo hooo!  I’m so excited.  Ever since I lost my camera at the heart walk this year I’ve been limited to taking pictures with my cell phone.  I think all the pictures on this blog so far were taken with my cell phone.  They aren’t horrible but it’s just not as clear as I’m used to.  Well today (yesterday now actually- it’s almost 1am) my husband and I were in Sam’s club and we saw this camera.  I loved that blue color and I was suprised to see such a small camera with 10 megapixels.  I was even more surprised when my husband decided to buy it for me!  I literally jumped up and down and danced around him.  I’m sure other members of Sam’s club thought I was insane but I don’t care.  I am a shutter-bug that has been living without a decent camera…. and this one is nice and small like I prefer.  I love small cameras too and this one can fit in the pocket of my jeans.  I can even use the little tripod for my cute little gateway camera that died on me with it.  So when I want to take family pictures with me included I can use the delayed dealy and run and jump in the picture like my dad used to do.  The camera I lost at the heart walk was too honkin huge to use with the tripod.  I knew I kept holding onto that tripod for a reason ;O)  What a day….  I’m still hyped up! 

I love that husband of mine!

Let me know what you think of this post.

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