moody blues


I haven’t been posting lately since I’ve not been feeling well (no rebekah, I’m not dead!).  I have an abcess in a tooth I had a root canal done in over 5 years ago.  It hasn’t been fun at all.  I took half a round of antibiotics before they decided they weren’t doing their job (other than making me sick) and gave me something stronger (to make me sicker).  I don’t know what is worse the pain from the tooth or the antibiotics!!!!!  Anyway, I just finished those this morning so I’m looking forward to spending less time in the bathroom.  In addition to that fun I’ve had family here for a while.  My mother in law is here to help prepare for my brother in law’s wedding on the 8th.  My dad also came up with his new wife for a couple weeks.  It’s a bummer that I didn’t have any time off to really spend with them.  My dad and Penny had a good time though.  I wish it could have been prettier for them though.  My dad knows what it’s like in Alaska but Penny only saw it through the rain.  It’s just not the same. 

I’m enjoying the visit with my mother in law.  She has been staying with us most of the time so I can visit with her after I get home from work which is usually pretty late.  I had the best times shopping with her.  She’s a great bargain hunting shopping buddy!

Anyway, being sick put a damper on my diet.  I haven’t exercised much since I was feeling like crapola and I didn’t stick to my diet since most things made me turn green.  Things like mashed potatoes, bread and rice felt the best on my stomach so that’s what I ate.  I haven’t weighed at all.  I’ll do that tomorrow am to see where I stand.  UGH, I’m not looking forward to seeing that number.  I can still wear my size 10 jeans that I got into but I feel like my belly is poochier.  I’ve reeeealllly gotta work on that!  It’s so depressing to see.

Okay, tomorrow is the first day of better days ahead.

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