The wedding


My brother in law’s wedding was great.  It was a nice simple ceremony.  I think it was absolutely perfect.  I got a lot of pictures and a few videos.  It was so nice to see my nephew and niece again.  I missed them so much!  I wish they didn’t have to go back.  After the wedding they had a nice reception at the church and then we went to the lake where we had another reception at the pavilion where we had dad’s wake.  It was drizzling but we still had a fire and roasted marshmallows.  We had burgers and hot dogs and there was a couple of guys that played guitar and sang.  It was fun.  I got really sick though.  I just can’t eat that kind of food.  I should have stuck to the veggies but I had to have some of the BBQ ribs my brother in law made.  They were falling off the bones and were deeeelicious!  I paid for it all night long though.  Without my gallbladder I just can’t eat like that.  Well today we are going to the fair rain or not….  and I’m not eating anything!  It will be hard to not get a pork chop on a stick and corn on the cob like usual!  I just need to have fun with my nephew and niece and get as many pictures as possible.

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