Having a blast…


in Phoenix Arizona!  Chris and I have been here since Sat and we are having a great time.  Today was the last day of his training he had to go to so now we are planning to have some real fun.  Today I laid out by the pool in the sunshine for a while and sat by the lake and fed the ducks.  I saw a humming bird for the first time!  It was so pretty!!  and soooo sooooo tiny!  After that I went shopping.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the neat stores here.  I went to Ulta and browsed through rows and rows of makeup and perfumes.  I LOVE that store.  Then I went to Ross and spent a bunch of money.  I found this cute little green purse that I just couldn’t live without.  I bought some nice clothes that I’m going to mail to the boys.  Jared especially will be thrilled.  I went to barnes and noble of course and had a mocha frappacino since it was too dang hot for a latte.  I was surprised to see that the B&N here is pretty much the exact same layout as ours in Fairbanks….only no fireplace of course.  When I walked in the front of the store I really couldn’t see any difference from that of the fairbanks store.  I did find two things that I haven’t seen at home though.  I found a cute blue pocket sized address book with italian leather that snaps and has a neat little pen.  I had to have that.  Plus, I found a orgame kit for making jewelry.  Maybe I can do that on the plane. 

In some of the others stores I found some cute hair thangs.  I also bought some stuff to dye my hair myself.  I just couldn’t go get it done after Chris said he really likes my hair the way it is.  I have to at least cover the gray that is starting to show though.  Yesterday I enjoyed a pedicure and manicure and enjoyed the compliments from different people there when they found out how old I was.  One lady said she thought I was no older than 27 and another argued that I looked 21.  Either way it made me feel great.  I guess I must be the only one to notice those pesky grey hairs…..so I’ll color them if only for my sake. 

Well I better get back.  I went outside to try to get some pictures of the sunset and a couple of rabbits I saw from our window but by the time I got out there the sunset was gone and so were the rabbits.  I left out the back and came in the front to get something to feed the ducks.  They are so neat.  They come right up and walk around you….  one mallard would even eat right out of my hand.  Well anyway, Chris is probably going to be worried so I should get back.

Let me know what you think of this post.

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