No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth….  I’ve just been busy.  Plus, I just didn’t feel like posting.  So there! 

Well, I had a great birthday on Thanksgiving.  The day before thanksgiving some friends surprised me at work with a HUGE birthday cake.  It had one of those candles that played happy birthday when you light it and it said “happy birthday original Donna” since I was the first of 3 donnas working there.  I thought that was hilarious.  They also got me a great present.  I was so shocked.  They got me my own printer for my laptop Chris bought for me.  It came with scrap-booking software, photo paper, the ink and everything.  What a great gift!  I would have never thought of it.  I love these people.  The two girls that did that also talked me into going out to the pump house for karaoke with them.  It was their last night in town for a while.  I really really REALLY miss them!  *sniff* 

Oh, I did finish my scarf.  I’ll have to post a picture later.  It is georgous!  I want to keep it but I’m just going to make myself one in blue.  I’m in the middle of another scarf that I actually have to follow a pattern for.  It makes 4 or 5 weaving lines down the length of it.  I messed up though so I have to decide whether to try to fix it or to just hope they don’t notice. 

I have also become addicted to beading!!!!!!  I just bought a little kit and thought I would try it and *wham!*  I’m hit with yet another addicting hobby.  My husband keeps buying me beads but I think he secretly hates this hobby.  It’s getting very expensive.  We went on one of our weekend dates on Saturday.  We just go around town and hang out.  We usually go on Sunday and get the paper and go somewhere to eat and read it.  This time I really wanted to check out this store that I heard had great beads.  It’s the Alaska Raw Fur Co. down by the river on the west side of town.  I can’t believe I’ve never been there!  There was so much stuff in there.  I found some great carved bone/wood pieces in Alaska designes for pendants there that I can use to make things for the few guys in my department.  I also bought some thin brown leather and keychain rings.  I am making something for everyone I work with this year.  It’s a challenge but I’m having fun. 

After we went to that store my husband took me to this fish and tackle store.  I thought he was lost.  He doesn’t fish.  He wasn’t though.  He thought they might have some good bead boxes there and he said they might have some beads there too.  They were sold out of the boxes but that was a great idea.  I did find some little spools of fishing line (22 lb) that looked like it would perfect for beading.  It  was CHEAPPPPP!!!  I love the way each thin spool wheel dealy snaps to the others.  They even have these elastic deals that go over the line and keep it from all going everywhere.  Great idea.  It has a little hole that the line comes through.  I did find a few  beads there and a few interesting feathers and I only spent $5.  After that I talked my husband into going to Michael’s.  My husband knew it was a bad idea.  I hadn’t been there in a LONG, LONG time and they have a new HUGE bead department.  WAY better than Joanns.  I was in heaven!  My husband had to drag me out of there.  He did find this neat bead box deal there though.  It’s a canvas tote that unzips around the top and down to the bottom in the front.  The front folds down for a work area.  The top flips back and holds beading tools in elastic loops.  The thing holds 6 of those rectangle bead boxes that has 17 spaces (one being longer than the others).  The price said $38 so I gave Chris my 50% off coupon from Joanns and asked him to do a separate purchase so I could use my Michaels coupon too.  We met back up and he told me it only rang up at $9.99 so he got half off that!!!!  Dang!  I love that thing.  I can’t believe it was that cheap.   Now I am sorting all of my loot into those boxes and I’m in hog heaven.  I made a couple of things that are really cute already.  I’ll take a few pictures before I give those away. 

Okay, we are in the middle of putting up Christmas today (I know late huh) so I better get back to work.

Let me know what you think of this post.

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