Happy new diet


Yeah, I know, how sad.  Every year I do this.  Last year it was ediets.  Well, I’m not thinner but that might be because I’ve been depressed over my mom for the past year.  I decided I didn’t like ediets because their diets just don’t fit well with me.  I just don’t eat those things and I ended up spending too much trying to get the ingredients.  This year I joined Weight Watchers online.  It has only been 1 week but I have lost 1/2 a lb.  It’s not much but it’s something.  I really like their set up.  It’s so easy.  After I went to the website I had it all figured out in 30 minutes or less and was already adding the things I ate to my list.  It took me most of the first week to figure out how to eat healthier stuff and stay within my points for the day.  I’m doing better now and I’ve been exercising more and making sure I take my vitamins and drinking water.  I like that I can click off the glasses of water I supposed to drink, multivitamin, exercise, and servings of veggies and dairy I need to be healthy.  It helps me keep on track.  I can plan out what I want to eat in advance by searching their database for foods I already have.  If something isn’t listed I can add it.  Foods that take longer to burn so you can go longer without feeling hungry are marked with a green diamond.  I can print a planned menu or the blank page and take it to work with me so I can write in the things I eat during the day. 

Well, I hope it lasts.  At least this seems to work better with how I eat.  Wish me luck!

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