Week 5 on Weight Watchers


Well I had another good week.  I lost 1.4 lbs!  That brings my total lost since the 1st of the year to 10.2 lbs!  I have really been watching what I eat and sticking to my points.  There were only a few days when I went over but not much.  I have still been using my Wii fit but now I’m started adding in more of the strength training  too.  I discovered that although my legs are getting stronger with the yoga my arms are not.  I tried to do this exercise where you do a push-up and then a side plank…….then a push-up and side plank to the other side.  I could barely do the first push-up and side plank and then trying to do the next I fell on my butt!!!!!!  Then at the end my sweet little Wii fit trainer said “I noticed you took a break during that exercise” and I got 0 points!  UGH!  That’s just not nice.  So anyway, I started working more on my arms to tone them up.  The last time I tired the push-ups I kept my knees on the floor although that makes it more tricky to do the side planks.  At least I got some points though.  I’ll get better I’m sure.

My beginning belly dancing class was today and I just feel so much more toned especially in my abdomin.  I’m getting better slowly.  I think the Wii fit balance training is helping me in my dance class too.  My posture is so much better and I’m not always losing my balance or stumbling. 

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  1. Wow!! That is a great total for a month’s work. Good for you, and keep it up!

    Also, I think it is very cool that you are trying belly dancing. I’ve considered it, and I’m thinking about giving it a shot after I get bored with kickboxing, cycling and running. It is always good to have something new and fun to do to break up the routine.

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