My finished Scarf


I know I’m really late with this one.  I finished this scarf a LONG time ago.  Well here are the pictures of the finished scarf.  I loved the way it turned out.   This scarf is knitted in plane old garter stitch.    It was my first scarf so I thought I’d start out easy.  The yarn gradually changes color as you go and it turned out beautiful!  There is a loop on the scarf so you can put it around your neck and then through the loop to help keep your neck snuggly warm.  One end of the scarf is diaginal and both ends have fringe.  The charm matches the colors of the yarn so perfectly.   I loved it so much I thought about being an indian giver!  I decided to make myself one in a different color.
I’ll post a picture of my current scarf project soon.  I am doing a pattern I found online that requires me to pay more attention.   I got half way and then messed up so royally I frogged the whole darn thing!  UGH!  I started again and it’s new and improved!  I got some circular bamboo needles in one size smaller.  The yarn looks better with the smaller size needles and it doesn’t slip off so easily with the bamboo.  So far so good!  I’ll post again soon.
Laurie's scarf

Laurie's scarf

Close up of the charm

Close up of the charm

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