weight watchers and valentines day


This is week 7 and I didn’t lose or gain which is fine with me.  I wasn’t feeling very well for the past week so I didn’t exercise at all.  I didn’t log what I ate either, although I probably didn’t eat a whole lot.  So, I am still at a total loss of 10.8 lbs. 

I have set a goal to lose 2 lbs over the next week.  I am going to be very careful with my food choices and log EVERYTHING!  I also set a goal to workout at least 30 minutes every day this next week.  My husband bought me My fitness Coach for the wii for valentines day and I think she [the coach] just kicked my butt!!!!!!  I did the initial assessment and found out that my upper body strength is about the same as it was when I was 18 months old.  She [coach] suggests I LOSE WEIGHT (duh!) and work on my upper body strength.  Hopefully I wont feel like gumbi by the end of the week. 

I just wanted to add that my husband bought My fitness coach because I’ve been saying I wanted it for over a month.  He is afraid my friends might think he was an ass for buying that for me for valentines day.  He’s not an ass; He’s my sweetie!  We started this day early by going to Denny’s for strawberry covered waffles (one of my favs) and then he took me to several bead stores around town that I looked up in the yellow pages.  He was very patient as we tied to located each one…..including the one that apparently doesn’t exist.  He also bought me a very pretty necklace with matching earrings that look like plumeria flowers with rubbies set in the centers AND this cool watch I had to have that is made of wood.  The watch may not sound cool but it’s awesome.   Then toss in the wii game……. and he’s a darn cool guy.  I’ll keep him.  I can’t really go into what I got for him….. this is a family blog!

Let me know what you think of this post.

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