great eats


Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day and at work they are having a GREEN potluck.  It was quite interesting trying to figure out what to take!  I ended up using this recipe at Dill Pickle appetizers  I’ll tell you, if you ever need a good cry just make this recipe.  It calls for 1 tbs of onion juice.  I didn’t see anything labeled “onion juice” at the store so I figured if I can make lemon juice I can make onion juice.  I used my garlic mincer and cried like someone killed my dog.  It sure is good though, definitely worth the trauma.

Just to be different and a little more GREEN, I added green food coloring to the cream cheese mixture.  I also added some white pepper and some Lawry’s Garlic salt – coarse ground with parsley.  I also ditched the white bread for some GREEN tortillas and used some baby dills and some spicey pickles.   Oh, and just for a little unexpected crunch I sprinkled some crispy fried onions over the covered tortillas before rolling.  YUMMY!  ***shhhh, no one will know they aren’t green*** 

I also got a green bell pepper and cut off the top with my fancy V cutter.  Then I filled it with store bought spinach dip.  I used dill Rye bread cut into cute little shamrock shapes with cookie cutters to make garlic bread.  Just before baking I dabbed a little wasabe horseradish on some of the pieces.  I didn’t cover any of them because it is very strong.  They will be fantastic dipped in the spinach dip. 

For a little something sweet I got a selection of different green flavored jelly bellys.  Hopefully we wont be green ourselves when the day is over.  Well, it’s after midnight so I better go to bed.

Let me know what you think of this post.

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