Week 12 on Weight Watchers


I lost 1 whole pound this time instead little tiny bits!  So now my total weight loss since new years day is 13.8!  I’m getting really close to losing 10% of my beginning weight and I’m feeling so much better.  My belly is very noticably smaller and I am looking toned especially in my legs.  I have primarily been doing “my fitness coach” for the wii.  It’s like working out with a workout DVD that you can customize for you!  I love it! 

I’ll work on getting some new pictures towards the end of this week.

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  1. Working out with a DVD? How can working out with a DVD help any..They can’t weigh more than a few ounces..You’d have to curl a dvd about thousand times till ya got results…Try curling or lifting weights instead of DVD’s… 😉

    Sorry to bugya Bug, just had to swing by and say hey…

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