Terrible 12’s?


It’s been a long time since the terrible two’s but it  just gets worse and worse…..  if that could ever be possble.  Last night Ry said he was leaving home and not coming back (because I took his TV away).  His teacher called me and not only is he not participating in class he is being disrespectful to the teachers and volunteer staff.  A tutor was trying to help him and he was aweful to her and then clapped when she left the room.  I was surprised that I got such a response from taking that TV since it was no longer even connected to anything….. but WOW did I get a response!  He hates me………. everyone hates him…………  we don’t love him……….  I called for backup.  My husband had taken some pain killers for his knee and gone to sleep (nicely sedated) so I called his brother who has a cool connection with Riley.  He talked to Riley for a long time and he even talked to me soon too.  He’s a no bones kind of guy and I think that’s what I needed.  He told me I need to toughin up and not let Riley walk all over me.  Ry is a master manipulator and he knows my buttons.  It doesn’t work with Uncle though.  Ry came home from school and plopped his grounded butt in front of the TV since Dad and I don’t get home until around 5pm he figures he can do what he wants.  He didn’t expect his uncle to come down the hall…..  I am hoping with everyone working together on this we can pull him back into reality.  If not…. Lord help me.

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  1. Hang in there buddy….Rush is bein the same way..Just brought the Rushman in and confirmed he has ADHD..

    I wanted to avoid med’s but I became flexable and am going to try some meds with therapy and see how he does…Because right now, he can be extremely difficult to work with sometimes.

    Example being that yesterday in school, the kids were doing easter eggs…He just started spitting on his… Good Lord.

    So here’s hopin the Dr.’s plan woks..

    Hope things get smoother your way, just be consistent, which apparantly I havn’t done myself…

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