Pretzel picnic


Whenever I am sick, especially when I’m nauseated, I retreat to my bed with hot tea and a bag of pretzels.   It always makes me feel better.  I’ve had a migraine (or something) and nausea for over a week…. thursday was a week.  I finally went to the Dr on Thursday when I was seeing dancing lights and having pain in my neck along with the headache and nausea.  He said he sounds like I am having migrains and he wants to do a brain MRI on Monday.  That will not be fun considering I am claustophobic AND I hate IV’s.  They are going to sedate me to get me to go into the machine and they have to dope me up in order to do the IV to sedate me.  Am I piece of work or what?????  Well, I am praying they find some grey matter and nothing but.

No, I’m NOT preggers.

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  1. Oh that would be funny if you were!! So I’m hoping that’s whats wrong, it’d be better than finding any other kind of growth LOL

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