I feel like I just want to crawl into a ball and cry.  My friend is very sick and I can’t even be there for her now.  She was medevac’d  to Seattle and when I tried to call her room I got no answer.  I finally got in touch with someone who told me she was in surgical ICU.  I talked to her but she is very groggy.  They were giving her more blood and put stints in her heart.  She is also bleeding in her small intestines and they don’t know why yet.  I feel so bad that I can’t be there for her now.  I just keep praying for her.

I just got my wisdom teeth removed Friday so it was a bit humous to my husband to hear two stoned people talking to each other.  There has to be some kind of silver lining for somone I guess. 

Anyway, I missed my dance class today because of my oral surgery and that is a huge bummer because I have a recital coming up on May 1st.  I want to make sure I’m ready for it.  Tomorrow is a dress rehersal and make up lesson and I still won’t be able to dance tomorrow.  I might be able to go and just observe but we’ll see.  I can’t stand just sitting in bed like this.  I didn’t take my pain pill the last time because I can’t stand feeling so foggy and dizzy.  I took the motrin though.  I’m also keeping my face iced but I want to try to get some things done for the heart walk fundraiser coming up the morning of the 1st.  I got some silk flowers that were one of my mom’s favorites and I’m going to make barretts and put some on hair bands and little clips.  I got some great deals on the flowers since they were spring/Easter things.  I also need to think of something I can do to raise money for the relay for life.  I just joined that recently when I found out my uncle was diagnosed with brain cancer. 

Argh, the sky is falling the sky is falling!

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