Cinderella story


“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.” —A.A. Milne

I’m cleaning up my garage and having great fun.  I’m finding such wonderful stuff that I meant to do something wonderful with someday.  See, it’s a two car garage but we only have the one to park in there.  My husband’s old truck doesn’t really need shelter.  It really looks better when it’s covered in snow.  Anyway, a while back we decided to put area rugs down half of the garage and we added tall book shelves along that wall (yes, the way my family reads we had them all full and then some).  I had exercise equipment in there too.  Well in looking for an area for a craft table I decided to move things around a bit in that part of the garage.  We moved the bookshelves to the opposite side wall and bought sturdy plastic storage shelves for holding tubs down the wall on my side.  I also have a  folding table (4′) with a peg board I painted a lovely shade of purple over it.  I use pegs to hold my sewing supplies and thread.  Anyway, now I have to sort through all the S . T . U . F. F.  in the garage into the tubs.  When I’m finished it will be a great area to work in.  Until then it’s drudgery…..well, until I find something I had forgotten about (like my other favorite knitting needle that I’d misplaced or that bag of super wonderful yarn I’d bought and had forgotten about) and have a small celebratory moment!  That actually has been happening quite often.  My kids just groan and say “what did you find now?”  They don’t understand, the brats!

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