diet riot


okay, I fell off the wagon and gained some weight back.  I feel like crying.  I haven’t been logging to my weight watchers online log.  I haven’t exercised for a couple of weeks and yeah, it shows.  I have gained about 4 lbs back!  I’m so angry at myself!!!!!!!!!!!  But anyway, I’m going to get back to doing what I should have been doing and logging to WW and exercising again.  I can do it….

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  1. Sorry to hear you are struggling…I am in the same position as you. (fell of the wagon this week) This has been the worst week I have had since I made my lifestyle changes in Dec of 08. Altogether I have lost 50 pounds, but it is hard to feel good about it with the kind of week I have had. Where is my motivation?? I hope you are able to get motivated again and get back on track. My heart is not in it yet, but I am forcing my self to make better choices and get back on that elliptical while I am waiting for my motivation to kick in 🙂

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