The Shack


It seems like forever ago that I noticed several people were reading this book called The Shack by Wm. Paul Young.  I listened as people raved about it but when I asked what it was about I got these vague answers and this “you’ll just have to read it”.   So I went out and bought it thinking this little book wouldn’t take me much time at all.  I just finished it tonight and I feel like I just finished this huge journey around the world and back…. on foot.  It took me a bit to get into it; I read the first two chapters about 3 times before I went on further determined to finish the book.  Just when I was thinking the book was losing me again I decided to go to the cafe at work and read during my lunch.  A woman walked by and said “that’s a great book!”.  I didn’t even have a chance to reply when she added “keep reading, you’ll get into it” and she left.  After a while longer a man sitting at a nearby table asked if I had gotten to the shack yet.  I said, “we are on the way there” and then it hit me.  The book had gotten me!!  I said WE!  The gentleman said, “after he gets to the shack it really gets going.  Keep reading”.  I kept reading and soon after that I didn’t have anymore trouble reading it.  Only, I didn’t zip right through it either.  I found that I had to take some time to digest what I read.  Sometimes it was a chapter, sometimes just a paragragh and every now and then it was just one little  phrase that seemed so huge I had to stop to really think about it!  This book really hit home with me in so many many ways.  It even did some things that I don’t even think the author intended. 

Now, I am not going to give anything away either.  There is a reason I was given so many vague answers to what it was about.  Please read this book!  Go to and read about it.  You may be like me and think it’s not your kind of book but read it anyway.  It’s worth it.

If you have read it and you know about the part about the bird.  I had this strange moment after reading that.  I looked up from the book, still taking in the story and the little hidden meanings in it, and looked around my room to see birds and butterflies everywhere.  I have always had this facination with flying and the beatiful creatures that do it.  I have often had dreams of standing on the edge of a cliff and wanting to jump off and just fly but I was afraid to.  I actually remember walking up to a cliff when I was little and standing there wondering if I could fly when my sister and my dad ran up and grabbed me away from the edge scolding me profusely.  The ground at the edge was very crumbly and I distintly remember thinking the ground would probably break away with the weight of all of us and I wouldn’t be able to fly because they were holding on to me LOL  Anyway, that part of the book kind of caught me a bit.  I can’t really explain it completely but it held special meaning for me in several places.  So when you read  it, or re-read it, think on it.  You might just be missing something.

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