Barbs galore


I am so excited to have 4 new fish in my tank.  I love adding to my little family.  I love barbs and I finally got a couple green tigers and a black ruby barb.  I also got an albino tiger barb to replace the one I lost.  I blame it on karma for naming the fish “white trash”.  Bad Donna!  Well, I’ll have to come up with a better name for this one.  

My new fish certainly better eat up because they are way smaller than the gang of tigers I’ve had for a while now.  I sure hope they are fast little buggers. 

Well, while shopping I also found out that the fish I bought at Petco a while back as a “tetra” is really a rosy barb!  I guess I already knew they didn’t know their fish from their butt but this fish just didn’t even look like a barb to me.  It is interesting how I seem to be attracted to barbs.  There is no way I’d go back to guppies.  I would die to have this huge tank full of tinfoil barbs that this guy had at Fishtopia.  They are gorgeous!!!!  The smallest was probably 7 inches long!  And, while I was checking out the fish I was being followed by a tortoise on foot.  It was the size of a small dog….. well, about the size of my beagle minus head and legs. 

haha, that reminds me of a silly joke a friend of mine loves to tell over and over….  Where do you find a dog with no legs?


Right where you left him.  *ba dah dum tah*

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