Odds and ends


So I need to update.  The surgeon didn’t find anything they would help with.  They did blood work and everything came back normal.  So I went to another doctor, my regular doctor.  She’s the one that knew my appendix was screwed up years back even though the tests didn’t show it.  So she ordered a bunch of lab work and x-rays.  I even did them at her clinic instead of the hosptial (which would have saved money) because she would get the results sooner.  So that was one week ago now.  My appointment is at 10:30 am (Tuesday).  If they don’t know what’s going on I’m going to cry.  I haven’t been out of my house except to go to the doctor appointments and my husband has to take me everywhere because it hurts all the time.  I’m already decided on a next route though.  I’m going to see a female internist I work with to see about a colonoscopy.  My mom had bad ulcerative colitis and I think the pains I’m having are in the area of my large intestine (pretty much all of it).  So if this  other doctor waited a week to tell me zip then I’m going to the internist or the ER….. whichever comes first.  Sometimes I’m doing okay (usually first thing in the am) and then it starts building.  I can only take it for so long.  It’s like a migraine that makes you want to slam your head into a wall after 3 days of it. 

Oh, and on top of all of this I found out that a friend of mine was killed in a motercycle accident a few months ago and I didn’t even know until I went to her facebook page to leave her a note.  Some friend I am huh?  She was a great friend and I really miss her.  I do feel sorry for the poor young guy who hit her because he will have to live with that. 

Anyway, that’s enough depressing stuff.  I’m keeping myself busy by crocheting.  I finished a blanket for Project Linus.  I sewed Project Linus tags on some other blankets that were donated and my husband delievered 15 to pediatrics.  He said the nurses were so glad to get them.  I’m glad.  Now I’m working on another blanket for a co-worker’s baby.  She’s due soon so I’m hoping to get it finished in time.  If not, she’ll get it later than sooner.   I have found that if I fall asleep when I’m crocheting something it doesn’t get all messed up like knitting does.  If I take pain meds I will fall asleep sooner or later. 

Okay, cross your fingers and say some prayers.  I need some answers.

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