No news is not always good news


I went to the doctor again for the umpteenth time and again…..a big fat nothing.  The most recent tests I did also came back perfectly normal.  So STILL no clue as to what is causing my abdominal pain although my stomach is getting more and more upset.  Ever since this started I have been only able to eat bland foods.  I would have some lightly flavored yogurt for breakfast and then white rice was the only other thing I wanted.  I have eaten boxes of white rice.  This past week it got a lot worse.  I’ve had bad heartburn and no appetite at all.  I went several days without eating anything but a few crackers.   I was so tired and weak that I slept most of the time.   When I would try to take a few bites of something to try to get my energy up I noticed that the pain I’ve been having would suddenly start hurting worse a while after I ate it.   Then last night I woke up dry heaving.  Every time I layed back down it would start again and  I would have to rush for the bathroom, only I didn’t have anything in my stomach to throw up.  So, today the doctor prescribed me something for my stomach and got me an appointment with a surgeon for an assessment.  She said they might want to do an EGD (scope into the stomach).   She faxed all of my info to him (all of which says I’m perfectly fine only in severe pain).    Anyway, I guess I have some hope from that.  I have to count my blessings; Things could be worse.

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