Comfort colors?


Is there such a thing?  I know there are comfort foods but colors? 

I have been sick for a while now but I was having an especially painful day today.  I finally got to the point where I couldn’t stand it any longer and took some pain medication.  As I laid on the couch waiting for it to kick in my eyes caught the ragged waist band of my sage green lounge pants.  The elastic could be seen in a few areas and although I know most people would throw them out my thought was actually, “how can I fix that?”.  These pants are always the thing I look for when I’m not feeling well.  Well, then I noticed that my shirt was a newer-not-so-washed shade of the same color…..and as I looked around I noticed my blanket, and my couch and even my curtains and area rug in my living room are the same color.  It makes since to me that if sage green equals comfort to me that my couches and other things in my livingroom where I live to be comfortable would be that color…. and my blanket that I like to snuggle with when I don’t feel well of course needs to be that color.  The curtains, well I guess they had to go with the couch.  I’m just glad my mashed potatoes aren’t that color.

Is it just me or do other people have a comfort color?

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