For Christmas this year my husband bought a new big screen TV and blue ray player for the family.  I don’t think we’ve ever even had a NEW TV before so this was really exciting for everyone.  The boys haven’t been doing good in school and have been really trying our patience lately so instead of buying a bunch of expensive stuff they were asking for we decided to spend our money on something everyone could enjoy.  Chris was feeling bad though that he didn’t have something to wrap up for me for Christmas, especially since I rarely watch TV and even more rarely want to go to a movie.  I’m more into music.  Well, when he hooked up the blue ray player it had these 4 colored buttons that connects to websites like youtube, netflicks, something else I forgot, and Pandora.  I had never heard of pandora before but we set up an account and it’s the coolist thing!  I absolutly love it.  It’s basically steaming radio that only plays music you like.  It started out by asking for my favorite song or artist.  I put in Goo Goo dolls and it plays music that is similar to them.  If it plays something you don’t like you can give it a thumbs down and it wont play it again on your station.  So far they have played song after song that I love.  I’ve had fun making other stations with guns N’ roses and other types of music.  Another neat thing you can do after you have a few stations is the quickmix which mixes your stations.  It is really neat to listen to the music on that nice TV but when I’m not feeling well and just want to stay in bed I can pull up on my laptop and listen to my same stations.  Considering that the blue ray player was a special bonus deal Chris got it was a pretty great Christmas present for me. 

Let me know what you think of this post.

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