Freshwater Aquariums


I have always loved fish.  When I was younger my school had a huge fish tank full of some very colorful fish.  It was so neat to watch.  My dad usually had a fish tank but he liked to try to breed the fish so had a tank full of these plain white fish.  When my youngest son showed an interest in fish I got him a fish tank but it wasn’t long before I realized I enjoyed watching the fish more than he did.  Riley’s fish didn’t last long and soon the tank was in a garage sale.  After a while I decided I wanted my own fish tank and bought a kit at Walmart that was a little bigger than Riley’s tank.  I loved it.  I bought 6 tiger barbs a plecostomus and a cory and loved watching them swim together.  They each had such neat character and it wasn’t long before they each had names.  One day one my my barbs died and I was so depressed.  I had to have my oldest son remove it from the tank for me.  Not even a week later another barb died and then I was angry.  I wanted to know why they died.  I started reading and learning as much as I could about keeping fish. 

Now I have a nice 55 Gallon tank and 22 fish that are very healthy.  I know how important it is to maintain my tank on a weekly basis and now I have it down to a science.  However, I also learned that it is important to start off right in order to have a healthy tank.   You wont lose as many fish if you learn a thing or two before you get started.  It took me quite a while to do the research and learn what I know now so I decide to write a simple beginners guide to setting up a freshwater fish tank.  It hope it can help someone get started without the trouble I had in the beginning.

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  1. I love fish too.
    I used to buy fish from an old man.
    He had pools in the yard where the angel fish bred in the summer.
    He hated Tiger Barbs because they dont get along,
    always nipping and such,you made me think of it.

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