A great fantasy artist


I was tooling around on Etsy.com in a mission to find some art for my house.  I have this crazy thing I’m trying to do where the decor in each room of my house is dedicated to a specific country or portion a country or some theme related to a country.  My kitchen is Italy (Tuscany) and my living room is Ireland.  My bedroom is oriental since I couldn’t decide on a country.  I’m still thinking on that one.  My master bath is French and my main bathroom is supposed to be old British battle ships.  Of course this is a slow process since this is quite an expensive project.

Anyway, I was thinking on the living room AKA Ireland.  It is “my island” after all.  I was finding mostly jewelry on Etsy and then I stumbled upon some great art.  Every time I clicked on something it would be by the same artist.  I loved all of her work.  As a matter of fact I cannot decide which to buy!!  I have been sitting here for over an hour starring at my walls and trying to envision the paintings there.  The only problem is I don’t want it to look like an art gallery.  I’m going to have to choose!!!   It isn’t all Irish but it’s fantasy art.   Check out her work at http://www.etsy.com/shop/EmilyBalivet and http://www.emilybalivet.com

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