Well this Saturday was our first official “family” day with no internet, TV, or games.  We went to breakfast at Denny’s and I ate a healthy breakfast that didn’t blow my diet.  We went to the library where I tried to take home all the craft books………Then we went by the Comic Shop on the way home and looked at games (the kind that don’t plug in).  Chris bought a really nice chess set that is supposed to live permanently on the coffee table.  Now where am I going to keep all of my paper junk and mail I don’t want to deal with???  I guess I’ll have to file that stuff in the circular file.  Anyway, I bought a few board games too and can’t wait to learn how to play them.  It was fun watching the boys and dad play chess.  They hadn’t played in a while so there was some fast losing and learning by trial and error.  Riley has gotten a lot better.  I prefer to just watch and laugh at their facial expressions while knitting.  I finished my socks too!  Whoo hooo!  That was a big deal to me that no one else seemed as excited about.  Jumping up and down on Chris while he as  laying on the bed to show him my finished socks did not elicit the attention I was looking for.  Instead I was told to take my socks and leave.  *sniffle*

Riley had a pretty good day.  After he couldn’t find the type of books he wanted at the library we found some things for him at the comic shop.  He got a new book to add to his series of weird little comic type books and he also got one of the most expensive posters I ever seen.  They are fabric.  It does look really sharp in his room and I don’t think it will rip so that’s good.  Jared helped him hang it up and then every time he went back in his room and saw it on the wall he would go and thank his dad again for buying it.

Next Saturday Chris will be in Vegas so I’ll have to keep the kids busy by myself.  I guess I better get planning some things to do.

Let me know what you think of this post.

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