My newest undertaking


So, I was in Joann’s one day (trouble right away) and I saw one of those free patterns hanging on the shelves that grabbed my attention right away.  It wasn’t for any of the multitudes of crafts I already do…. it was for plastic canvas.  I never have liked the look of plastic canvas things but this was for a sharp looking black and silver clutch with BEADS.  Yeah, I think it was the beads that got my attention.  Anyway, I quickly started trying to find the materials needed for the pattern since the angry woman on the overhead speaker was wanting to close the store.  I found the plastic canvas purse form and the silver clasp but couldn’t find the cording in the black and silver.  I finally left because the voice kept getting meaner and meaner and I started to worry she was going to lock up the store with me in it.

After I got home I looked on the internet and discovered it was discontinued!! This beautiful clutch  just wouldn’t look right in any other color so I started on my mission to get what I wanted and of course I now have it in my grubby little paws ;O)  Thank God for the internet!  I picked up the last few things I needed and sat down here ready to start my project HOURS ago.  I had noticed earlier that the pattern said “advanced” but I thought how hard can it be right????  YEAH right!  So I’m supposed to go from this funny looking shape to a gorgeous purse??

plastic canvas purse

Piece of plastic that will become magnificent purse

I sat here puzzling over these seemingly easy instructions which I discovered were really only meant to trip you up.  Well maybe not but there has to be a good explanation for me not being able to figure this out.  When I was a kid I made a tissue box cover and I don’t remember it being this hard!  Okay, so I finally realized I was over analyzing things and decided to read the instructions very VERY literally and finally it made since.  I FINALLY realized why they wanted me to count down so many spaces and over however many more to a “starting hole” BECAUSE when I decided what the heck, I’ll just skip all that and start on the left………. well,  I discovered things are pretty wonky over there.  So it made since that with an odd shaped deal to work on you’d have to start at the middle!  So now I have half of the top row finished and things are looking promising!  Yee Haw!


Can we do it? Yes we can!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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