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“Reclaiming the belly-laugh can cure a world of woes.” ― Jamie Sams

I didn’t have a very good day today.  I had to go home, take some pain medicine and go to bed.  I slept until dinner.  Now the day is over and I have not accomplished anything except making dinner.  Hopefully tomorrow will go better.  Tomorrow I will try to look for things to smile about.

Here is something that made me smile.

Currently Reading


I love to read.  I wish I could read all the time without having to stop to do things like eat and pee.  There are many other irritating things that get in the way of reading too like going to work, making dinner, taking care of the kids  and cleaning the house.  Anyway, since I do have to do those things I don’t read nearly as much as I like.  Currently I’m reading a book that I meant to read at Christmas time but since I got the creeping crud at Christmas I didn’t. It is called Christmas Jars by Jason F Wright.  I added it to my amazon shop which is on the top of the right side of this page.

(okay, so I just accidentally deleted the categories in my store and their contents.  I re-added them but I can’t remember what all was in there.  The book mentioned above is in there)

This is a pretty good book so far about random acts of kindness.  In this story the “random act of kindness” comes in the form of a Christmas jar, which is not full of jelly but money,  and is left anonymously.  The main character in the story is an aspiring newspaper reporter dreaming of a cover story when she has a run of bad luck and then receives her own Christmas jar.  She wants to find out who is behind these random acts of kindness and possibly turn it into her first big front page story but obviously whoever it is doesn’t want to be known.

This story is very touching and has made me cry more then once.  When I’m finished with my copy of this book I’ll post it on You can find me there by my email address donnaj71 @

So I had this thought…


that I should start a blog.  I even thought of a good name but it was already taken.  Pooh.  That’s when I realized that I already had a blog.  So I think I should use it.  What do you think?

Anyway, in this blog I had decided I would post regularly about books I was reading, good music I found, and neat quotes I came across.  Maybe I could write about the crafts I’m into at the moment, including the paintings I paint, or want to paint, the things I’m knitting and crocheting and my other great ventures like my gardening efforts inside and out.  Oh wait, I think that was the reason I created THIS Blog.  Hmmmm, I wonder why I stopped.  I guess life probably got too busy and I didn’t have as much time to reflect on the things I love.  I think that means it is time to slowwwww down.

*slowing down in process