Home Sweet Home


Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to

~John Ed Pearce

This quote makes me sad. With all the trouble I’ve had with my health and trying to work through it I have not had any time to spend at home with my family. I come home from work exhausted and crash. If I wake up at all before morning everyone else has usually gone to bed already – without a dinner made by mom. I used to spend my evening talking to Riley about his days at school. Sometimes on Friday nights we would go on a date, just Ry and I, usually to Carl’s Jr. for ice cream sundaes and sometimes chicken strips and waffle fries. Occasionally, Riley would confide in me something he wouldn’t tell anyone else. I miss those times. My oldest son, Jared, is very keep-to-himself and it is very difficult to get him to open up. I had him figured out though. If I were to say, “Hey, how about a coffee run?” and he would say, “can Blue come?” That meant he wanted to go to that drive up coffee hut in front of Century Hardware where they give our beagle Blue a treat and Jared gets to flirt with the cute little girls hehe I miss those times too. The girls used to laugh when I would order a “fat free Mocha” and Jared would order a “Mocha full of fat and sugar” all while Blues head was stuck out the window in the way. Those were the moments when Jared would talk about what is happening in school and his plans for the future (while wiping Blue kisses off my car windows). Those days are winding down fast since next year is his senior year. Before long he’ll be the one driving me to coffee.

So, after thinking long and hard and talking things over with my husband, I decided to quit my job. I am working through February and then I’ll be back at home doing what I should have been doing all along – being mom. Apparently my dog is upset with me too because she peed in the middle of my bed the other day. I think Blue misses those treat runs LOL

So, I can’t wait until the end of February and the days of HOME SWEET HOME. I want to make my home a place my kids don’t want to leave in the first place.

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  1. I think your decision to quit your job is a good one. We can’t ever get back the time we lost with our family, due to work or bad health, etc. My kids are long gone and on their own, and I had no choice but to work when they were growing up. I missed so much, but I had to do what I had to do.

    Good luck as you make the transition to being a SAHM. I’m sure your kids will appreciate it. And if you feel like you’re going a little crazy, or you need something to occupy your time, perhaps part-time work would work at some point.


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