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Today is my 3rd day being at home (no longer working) and I’m loving it.  So far I have done a lot of cleaning but each day I also do something fun for me.   Since it had been a while since I’d done a through cleaning I decided to do my spring cleaning early.  I started with the kitchen on Monday then the living room and the main bathroom on Tuesday.  I still have to do the floors but it looks so much better already.  Today I cleaned a bathtub/shower which really needed cleaning.  Tomorrow I hope to get the other one cleaned.  It feels so good to see my house really clean!  I love it when my husband walks in and everything is clean.  He can just sit down and relax after coming home instead of going right to his room.  Before I would come in from work at the same time as Chris and I would be exhausted.  Most days I would go right to bed.  Working with chronic pain just takes it out of you.  This left everyone to fend for themselves for dinner and laundry didn’t get done except Jared, my nearly 17  yr old,  was doing his own.  Most days coming home sent my husband into a yelling frenzy because the kids were not doing their chores.  The garbage would be over-flowing, the sink would be full of dishes and plates would be left around the house.  Now, I can make sure these things get done and there is only peace when Chris gets home.  Ahhhh…..this is so much nicer!

I love to read so I started to read a book that I’ve been meaning to read for I don’t know how many years!  I’m finally reading The guardian by Nicholas Sparks.  I love his books.  So far it seems pretty good but I’m not very far in.

I also decided to learn how to tat (a type of lace making), which I’ve always wanted to do.  I looked all over town for a tatting shuttle but couldn’t find one.  I was just about to order one online but there are so many and I didn’t know which to buy.  So I looked online to see if I could figure out how to make one.  It looks like most people carve them out of wood (or other materials) and sand them into shape.  So I looked at some pictures of shuttles and tried to figure out to make one with what I had on hand.  I found an empty Tide laundry detergent bottle and cut out the curved side.  Then I cut out two eye shapes.   I washed the soap off and then sanded the center area with an emery board to rough up the surface.  I used some E-6000 glue and glued a sewing machine bobbin to the inside between the two plastic pieces.  I let that dry over night and it works great!  I’m so proud of my Tide bottle tatting shuttle!

Making a tatting shuttle

A little glue and wah-lah!

At first it was very frustrating trying to learn by following instructions online.  There are a lot of different websites out there that attempt to explain but this person on youtube did it best!  The basic stitch is easy but you have to get the stitches to “flip” from one string to the other and that’s the hardest part to figure out.  Anyone who wants to learn how to tat should start with this video.

I’m working on a simple design for a bookmark in variegated blues.

My first tatting project

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  1. Donna, I have to tell you how happy I was to find you and your Tide tatting shuttle. I was on Facebook and saw Kyra commented on a picture of yours, I clicked on it and saw your Tide shuttle. It is a great idea, I Googled it and found you again. I am going to make one. I have all my Grandmothers tatting stuff and want to get started , I hope I can figure it out. Your doing a great job on the book marker Happy Tatting!!

    • Diane, I wish you luck! Just be careful cutting into the soap bottle. It was a little awkward. I hope that video I posted helps you get started. Kyra is a good friend. I used to work with her.

    • How cool! That is so awesome. I still like my shuttle I made the best out of the ones I’ve bought because it holds more thread. I really hate trying to add in new thread and figuring out how to hide the thread ends. Tell your hubby I think he is a great guy for doing that for you.

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