The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks


Well I finished reading this book last night.  Even though it started off slow and almost lost me a few times it made up for it when things got interesting.  It got pretty scary and I found myself getting the creeps because I was here alone at night.  I kept checking to make sure the doors were locked and the curtains were all closed.  Who knew Nicholas Sparks could write a scary novel?  Of course it isn’t like the typical thriller, there’s a love story included.  Note: no cursing in this book.

When Julie’s husband Jim was dying of cancer he was worried about her being left alone.  He knew she didn’t have any real family other than him.   So he arranged for someone to bring her a Great Dane puppy with a letter he wrote on Christmas Eve knowing he would probably die before then.  The letter explained that he sent her the puppy to keep her company and that he wanted her to find someone to make her happy.  He also said that he would always be there to look out for her.   Singer, which is what she named the puppy, became her constant complanion and she even talked to him like he was human; sometimes even argued with him.  Years later, when she was finally ready to start dating, Singer growled at each person she went out with like a jealous boyfriend.  It wasn’t until she met a handsome engineer named Richard that her close friend Mike started to take notice.  He had been her husband Jim’s closest friend so she thought of Mike more like a brother.  Singer loved Mike though and was always taking off to see him at the garage he worked at with his brother causing Julie to have to come over there to get him. 

Would she end up chosing the handsome engineer who treated her like a princess and took her on a hotair balloon ride and a picnic for a date or would she fall in love with Mike, the good ol’ boy? 

I’m not going to say but I will say that things get pretty intense when she realizes she’s being watched….  everywhere she goes…….

Let me know what you think of this post.

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