Addicted to reading


I haven’t had the time to really read like I wanted to in so long and now since I’ve been sick with this cold or whatever it is I have been reading a lot.  I just finished reading a book I bought at the library booksale.  There was actually a little stack of matching books that looked like a series so I grabbed them all.  At the top they say “Mystery and the Minister’s wife” but there is no list to show what order they go in so it seems it doesn’t matter.  There are also no ISBN numbers which is odd.  They are Guidepost books though so maybe they don’t have ISBN numbers?  I read a book titled “Flight of the Sparrows” by Annie Jones.  It is written in really simple language so even young children could get into these mysteries.  I don’t usually like that for books I read though but the story was interesting enough that I had to finish it.  Then I looked at another one called “A Thousand Generations” by Traci Depree and decided to read that one.  The main characters are the same with some new ones added in.  They are a nice change from the other types of books I’ve read and I can easily read and ride my stationary bike since the writing isn’t complicated. 

I also started reading “A Bend in the Road” by Nicholas Sparks.  That seems like a good story so far but I’m only on chapter 4.  I have the book and also the audio CD’s that I got on a sale at the Literacy Council’s used book store. 

When I was at the library I got 3 books about tatting.  I’m reading the oldest one called Tatting – a new look at the old art of making lace by Lael Morgan.  The book looks really old and has only black and white pictures.  The copyright is from 1977 which I thought was funny since it said “a NEW look at the OLD art….”.  The book has a lot of history about tatting though and tells the names of certain basic patterns that must have been common at some point.  I also thought it was funny that Lael Morgan used to live in Alaska and it says she was on the Alaska Board of Fish & Game.

So throughout the day I switch between reading these different books but I can’t seem to stop reading!

Let me know what you think of this post.

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