A long time ago I joined and I knew right away that I would love it.  Of course, I haven’t had much time to read until recently so I have taken a new look at this website and updated my info.  This website is fantastic!  It allows you to list  paperbacks that you would be interested in trading- which have to be in good condition.  You get credits for sending books to others and then can use the credits to get books you want.  They have a large database too and if the book you want isn’t posted you can purchase it through for cheaper than usual.  So far I have only used credits to trade and I have saved $85 according to the website.  You can add books to different lists: TBR (To be read), Books you’ve read, Reminder, and wish lists and you can review the books you’ve read.  You can also add friends and trade directly with them although I don’t have many.  Check out my profile page at and add me as a friend if you join!  My Nickname is Donna C. (Darkcoffeeclouds) and my email is DonnaJ71 @

One of my favorite things about the website is that you can print a wrapper to mail your books.  It includes the “label” with the address it’s going to and your return address and prints an extra page with instructions – you use both to wrap your book.  You can even print postage and delivery confirmation right on the label so you don’t have to go to the post office.  You can use Paypal or a credit card to buy postage.  This is printed on regular paper right from your printer and it is very easy.  I just bought a little scale on ebay to double check the weight of my book before mailing.  The have an estimate but if you double check you wont ever have a book returned and lose postage.  Most of the books go Media Mail and if you use delivery confirmation you can track it’s path – they even show a map.  I also use packing tape to protect the corners and edges of the book in case it gets bumped around much.  Sometimes I have mailed a book to a friend that isn’t even a member this way.  You can just enter the name and address of whomever you wish. 

Another neat little feature is that once you receive a book from someone else it has a little footprint and tells you how many times it was mailed and how many miles it has traveled.  Some of these books have traveled a lot and it’s neat to see where they have been. 

Well, I hope to see some people join and add me as a friend.  My favorite books are mysteries but I also like a lot of different types of books.  Check out my profile and see what I have listed.

Let me know what you think of this post.

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