Tatted Earrings


I’ve been reading more about tatting and learning how to add beads. I made some earrings in green and white for my niece and now I’m working on making some in the same design only smaller for my sister in pink and white.  I got the pattern at http://free-tatting.com/?tag=earrings

These earrings are made with size 10 crochet cotton and are at least a couple inches in length.

Tatted Earrings with beads

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  1. Your tatting work is beautiful! I’m relatively new to tatting and have tried this pattern without success. Could you tell me if you reverse work after any of the rings or chains? I’m not having much luck with either so far.

    I appreciate any pointers you could give me regarding this pattern. Your version looks just like the picture included with the pattern. The earrings are beautiful!

  2. Cute. I love the colors of the ones you have posted. Hmmm- I just looked at the directions. It’s in a language that means nothing to be. Smiling – I’m impressed!!

  3. I tried this pattern, but couldn’t get the chains to lie straight, my guess was that those rings are worked with a second shuttle, but I only have one, so I can’t test that theory. How is it done?

    • Yes Alison, it does use two shuttles. You should get some more at joann’s or other craft store and try it. I’ll do a tutorial soon when I get the time. I really love making these earrings.

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