Listing your dreams


Every year I make at least a few resolutions, although some years I’d refused to call them resolutions, in essence that’s really what they always were.  It’s always the same basic list…. lose weight, get organized blah blah blah.  Well, as I’m sitting here trying to organize a pile of clutter I found a pile of old magazines.  I always have a hard time throwing away magazines.  I read and re-read them, cut out recipes, images and quotes.  Often times I’ll see a room painted a certain color or decorated a certain way and I’ll tear that page out for future reference.  So not only do I have piles of magazines, I have lose pages as well.  So, this leads me to my conclusion that new years resolutions do not work, or I wouldn’t be sitting here in this mess.

Well, as I was looking through one old magazine from 2005, I came across the article titled, “8 ways to Create the Life You Want” by Phil Keoghan. I was surprised to find the article online so click that link and you can read it yourself.  This article talks about making as list of the things you want to accomplish in your life… a bucket list…. only, he says, to actually take a step towards accomplishing something on the list.  According to Phil, it’s not enough to just write it down and stick it in a drawer somewhere.  You have to share it with others and work towards making these dreams a reality.  He recommends using themes if you have trouble getting started like “Face Your Fears, Get Lost, Test Your Limits, Rediscover Your Childhood, Express Yourself and Aim for the Heart. Most are self-explanatory, except maybe the last one, which is about seeking an experience that helps others or makes someone else’s dream come true.”

So, the things I have been trying to accomplish each new year are really DREAMS I’m working to achieve.  Calling them resolutions makes me feel as if I only have the year to do them and time is running out.  Well, I am going to make my own list of DREAMS to pursue and start working to make them come true.

Let me know what you think of this post.

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