Lion brand Crochet Tote


One flower? Or three?

I found this free pattern at Lion brand’s website for an easy Crochet Tote Pattern #90561.  I linked to their site but you probably have to register for a free account before you can view it.  It is easy to do and lets you see all of their great free patterns.  I have several bookmarked to work on later.  You can bookmark them right in your account.

Anyway, I wanted to make a tote bag for my library books.  They made this in a solid blue (worsted weight) but I’m going to make it in a variegated yarn that I have that has no label.  It is worsted weight though.   Anyway, the colors are a light sage green, a lighter green, white and a pale yellow.  When I’m finished I’m going to embellish it with flowers or something.  I’m working on the gauge swatch now (like the good girl that I am) so I can be sure it will be big enough.  I’ll keep updating this post as I go.

My Swatch (too small)

The colors aren’t quite the same in the picture. The greens seem a little more blue then they actually are. Anyway, since my gauge didn’t come out right I’m moving up to a larger needle to see if that works. The swatch should be 4″ square for 14 stitches/19 rows. I have now gone up from a size I/9 to a size L/11 and that is the closest I’m going to get for this swatch.  I’m really surprised that I had to go up so many needle sizes to get that close!  I usually crochet tight and automatically go up one size but 3 sizes???  I have a hard time believing that anyone could get that size swatch with the needles suggested in the pattern (sizes H and I). So if I hadn’t checked my gauge I would have probably ended up with a clutch instead of a tote LOL

The strap

April 3rd – I just finished making the strap.  The colors on this picture are more accurate.  The rest of the bag is crocheted from the lower section of one side of the strap and connected to the other.  I’ll start that tomorrow.

Okay, so it’s Tuesday the 5th of April and I have part of the body done.  It’s only about 4 inches and I need to keep going until it’s 13 inches.  I haven’t been feeling well and I’ve been sleeping a lot so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked.

I put a book in the bag so you can see the shape better.  I didn’t realize until I got further in the pattern that you don’t just work on one side of the bag and then do the other.  You actually start on one side of the strap working down the length of it, then you go around the bottom (narrow end) of the strap and along the other side of the strap until you get even with where you started on the other side.

Tote under construction

You keep adding rows this way which creates both sides and the bottom of the bag at once.  Then when you get to the other side you just join to the other end of the strap.  I love the pattern the variegated yarn is making.

So, I don’t think this bag will be big enough for what I intended it for – a library book bag –  but it will be perfect for carrying A book, my wallet and a few other small things. I really like how it’s turning out and can’t wait until it’s finished.

4/13 – I’m finished!  It ended up about 9 x 12″ so not many books are going in there.  It’s 3:am but once I saw that I was almost done I couldn’t quit!  I jazzed up the edges with some small picots and added some (removable) spring flowers.  I’m not sure if I like one or three so I have pictures of both.  I think I’ll put the flowers on pin-backs so I can put them where ever I want and ditch them when I’m ready.  Now I’m officially ready for spring.



The flowers are actually the same color as the yellow in the bag...

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