Couldn’t hold out


Okay, so I couldn’t hold out for very long.  I couldn’t stop thinking about that new craft I hadn’t tried – hardanger.  I found this website that teaches  how to do it and today I bought the supplies for lesson 1.  I can’t wait to try it but first I have to make something for my niece that is about to have a baby!  I’m making a baby sack with a matching hat in blues.  It’s a free pattern at but you may have to register for a free account to view the pattern.

I have to say something about this neat little app and website that came in really handy today when I was shopping.  It’s called and the app is available for different smart phones.  I have it on my iphone but I mainly use my laptop to add things.  You can do a lot with this cool program! You can add notes and pictures as well as bookmark webpages and recipes.  Not to mention make to-do and shopping lists.  I had bookmarked lesson 1 on the hardanger website so when I was in Joann’s today I just opened up the app to easily see what supplies I needed for that lesson.  Then when I was at the grocery store and remembered this recipe I saw on there that someone else added I popped it open to check what ingredients I needed to make it.  Of course I had my shopping lists on there too.  It’s really a useful tool to have!

Okay, so what have I been up too?  I got back on  I haven’t used that website in quite a while but when I saw this neat woven hot pad on that I wanted to make the pattern was on ravelry.  I wanted to make one for my sister in the same colors they used (on naztazia).  It was really easy to make and looks really neat.  I whipped it right out!  So here it is….

My woven hot pad

So now I need to finish this baby sack before the baby comes!

Let me know what you think of this post.

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