Watercolor lesson one


Today was my first lesson and I really enjoyed it.  I’m learning the basics and sometimes that can be really boring but it wasn’t.  I think I have a really good teacher.  I can’t wait to paint some more and I do have homework so I must.  That’s the best homework assignment I can imagine.  I also have a sketch book and I’m supposed to sketch something in it every day for 15 minutes – not more.  I just sketched one of the roses my husband got me for Easter but 15 minutes wasn’t enough time.  I think I need to learn to just sketch the outlines and not get so caught up on shading.

Anyway, I’m very excited and can’t wait to see how far I can go.  I have found my old blog (the original mygardenblue on blogger) and I’ve decided to turn it into a blog on my watercolor lessons.  I’ll be posting pictures and thoughts I have along the way.  It’s called http://paintinginmygardenblue.blogspot.com/   Right now it still looks like my old blog and has a lot of old posts on it.  I can’t seem to delete them because they are memories.  I think I’ll leave them there for now.

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