Book Review: The Color Purple


The Color PurpleThe Color Purple by Alice Walker
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was certainly a different kind of book. The whole book is written in letters… by the main character Celie who learned what hurt was at a very young age. At first she wrote letter’s to God…. and then later when she felt God forgot about her and she had found out her sister was alive and had been writing to her all along she began writing to her sister Nettie. She found out that the man she was forced to marry that she referred to only as “mr _____” had been hiding her sister’s letters. She found out through reading her sister’s letters that her two babies who had been taken from her were alive and her sister was helping to take care of them. Celie had a very hard life and had never known love until she met Shug Avery. She learned to love and to be loved and then the hurt of losing love….

(I didn’t like the bad language in this book- and there is a lot of it.)

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