Today, I painted


“When I first open my eyes upon the morning meadows and look out upon the beautiful world, I think God that I am  alive.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yesterday I was feeling really bad (emphasis on really and bad) and I really didn’t want to get out of bed but I didn’t want to miss another art lesson either.  So I went and I painted badly.  It’s hard to paint when you’re in pain.  Then, later after I had taken some more pain medicine and was feeling a bit better I got my paints out again.  I looked through my pictures I took when I went to Chena Hot Springs with my husband for our 20th Anniversary.  I took a lot of pictures of fall leaves so I could paint them later.  When I finally looked up at the clock again it was 5 am!  So I went to sleep for a while and then after I woke up I added some finishing touches.  I love fall leaves.  The colors are so beautiful and rich!  I just want the world to stay those colors forever but here in Alaska we only have about 2 weeks before it’s all brown and on the ground waiting to be covered up by snow. 

Rose hip

Here is my painting…  Not the best but I will most likely paint many more pictures like this until I get better at making the paint do what I want.  This is watercolor and I love working with it.  I get the neatest effects…  sometimes it works like I want it to and other times it sticks out it’s tongue at me and says “na-na-na-na-na”.  I am learning a lot during my lessons and also from watching other people.  I joined the Fairbanks Watercolor society and they have meetings where they teach various things.  I’ve only been to two meetings so far and I’ve had a lot of fun.  I’m also learning about Art Journals.  I love this idea.  I always like quotes or poetry, either to spark an idea or I actually add them to a picture, especially in my sketch book.  So I bought a sketch books especially for that purpose.  In that book I can use pencils or paint or collage with neat little scraps of things I’ve collected.  It’s a cool idea.  I have a friend who is going to teach me more about this and I can’t wait! 

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