Daily Archives: October 8, 2011

Today, I knit


“The high note is not the only thing.”

-Placido Domingo

I really don’t feel well today.  Not because of the usual reasons but because of God’s gift to women.  Thanks God, really.  Well I am not very friendly at all and I’m avoiding all other humans to keep from losing friends. 

Pink sweater

So I’ve been knitting.  I am participating in the Lion Brand Blog’s Knit-a-long (KAL)  We (people from across the globe) are making a sweater together with the help of an knitting/crochet expert from Lion brand.  This will be my very first sweater I have ever knit.  I participated in their last crochet-a-long (CAL) where we made a reglan pullover but that was much easier!  That is a lighter summer top.  This will be a nice lose fitting sweater with a shawl colar.  I am making mine in  Wool Ease Blush Heather.  It is a nice soft pink and it is only part wool so not so scratchy.  The yarn recommended in the pattern is a beautiful self striping wool yarn called “amazing”.  Just as the name suggests, the colors are AMAZING!  I was especially amazed to find it at my local Joann’s store but when I reached out and picked up a skein of it I wanted to THROW it back down.  It felt like steel wool!   I don’t care how amazing it is I can not put that next to my body.  The yarn I bought is much softer and there were so many beautiful colors that I had a hard time choosing.  If this sweater turns out well I may make another in another color. 

A blank slate

Also, I am going to start an Art Journal.  I bought a sketch book to use but I’m not really sure how to start.  I’m waiting for inspiration. I am sure greatness is soon to happen here.