Okay, so I couldn’t sleep.  I still have the headache that I believe has found my head too comfortable a home.  So I ended up finishing my FIRST EVER mixed media painting which is also my first picture using the current word – although I am not really submitting it.  This word wasn’t really making me happy but I got this little thought and it turned into a sketch…. and then a little sort of poem came to me and wallah!  The first page in my art journal is done :O)

This is all Suzi Blue’s fault really.  I found her vlog’s on youtube and liked what she was doing which is unlike anything I’ve ever painted before.  I’ve always painted things realistically. 

So here is my version of contraption.  Sorry my scanner is broken so all I can do is take a picture with my iphone. 


It says:

I will not fall anymore

for this crazy contraption you call love.

Love is not avoidance or unkind words

flung like daggers in defense .

Love cannot be fixed with petty promises

and flowers.

My love is lost on you.



It’s difficult to see some of the details because of the quality of the picture but I love how the lady turned out.  She has a real feather on her hat that sticks out off the picture.  Also, if you can see, the suitcase on the otherside says “ciao”. 

I have to say, I did have fun.  I hope to get better from here and to eventually fill up my new art journal.

Let me know what you think of this post.

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