This looks like something a toddler would mumble but it stands for National Blog Posting Month.  One of my blogger buddies is doing this so I decided to check it out.  You are supposed to post every day for the whole month.  They also offer blog prompts to get you thinking but I have a different idea.  A while back I had planned to paint a picture every day for 30 days but because of chronic pain I didn’t get very far.  Well, I still have chronic pain and it’s actually worse now but I still have to live.  I have discovered that I feel better late at night…. usually after midnight.  So this night owl is going to paint!

I’ve been taking watercolor lessons from a wonderful artist by the name of Tom Nixon.  I’ve learned so much from him and I think I’d really improve with more practice. 

So, with my daily blog post  for the month of November I’ll post what I painted the night before.  My friend Rita is a real writer and she has very similar health problems.  So we have decided… she will write and I will paint and side-by-side in cyberspace we will hone our talents. 

My art teacher is going to be so thrilled.

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  1. Awesome, Donna! That’s why I also signed up for the Art Every Day for the month of November, too–combining the two of them since they don’t care what you blog about every day–LOL! I knew I’d be working on Christmas cards (am very slow) and have wanted to get out some art stuff for a while now, too. Am thinking of trying a collage-type journal and maybe doing some zentangles, too. I love that NaBloPoMo has prompts M-F to help us out blogging, too.

    Even if we don’t manage to post for 30 days, we will be posting more than usual, right? And doing something creative. 🙂

    I often feel better late at night, too. For several hours after I wake up…those are usually the worst hours of the day. Here’s to a creative November!! :):)

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