Scary on the inside


I’m so glad Halloween is over.  We live in a nice neighborhood across from a cute little park so most of my visiting ghouls are under 4 foot tall.  There were so many cute kids!  At my house it was what was going on inside that was frightening.  First of all, I have an adorable beagle (female) named Blue…. but when someone knocks on the door or worse… rings the doorbell, she turns into a werewolf!  Well, not quite, but almost as scary to a little kid.  She will charge the door and anyone on the doorstep.  We are trying to train her not to do that but she’s an older dog and you know what they say about that.  So we had her confined to a room and all  night you could hear *ding dong* followed by furious barking and then “NO, bad dog!” from my son.  The little kids would look so frightened just from hearing the barking! 

So then there comes a knock at the door…..  no doorbell….. a knock.  Well, that’s different.  I answered the door and it was a cute girl with curly blond hair who was much taller then I was expecting.  AND, she wasn’t wearing a costume.  She said, “Is Riley here?”  That’s my youngest son who is soon to be 15.  So, I busy myself cleaning stuff I cleaned already so they could talk.  They used to go to elementary school together and were good buddies back then.  I didn’t even regonize her!  She doubled in size at least!  I listened from the next room as they got reaquainted and asked each other about how life has been.  My son really needs to learn about awkward long pauses…. those are bad.  That talk will definitely come before (right before) the birds and the bees talk LOL  Finally, they exchanged phone numbers and she left and Riley looked like he was about to pass out!  Then dad gets home and we procede to tease him.  We couldn’t help it!  He takes it well.  He’s shy but honest :O)

Now comes the real scary part…. when my oldest son – the senior in high school decided he wasn’t going to listen to me.  He’s sitting in his bedroom playing world of war craft on his laptop when I asked him to watch the door for a little while.  His brother had been handing out candy all night and he wanted to throw on the Templar Knight costume his dad wore to the costume party and surprise some friends.  He only wanted to go for 15 minutes and his brother wouldn’t turn off his game for even 15 minutes.  I can’t answer the door repeatedly in these temperatures because if I get cold I’ll be in pain all night.  Riley understands that and even brought me a blanket while I was sitting on the couch and was careful not to let too much cold air in.  Anyway, I finally told Jared to get his butt out there and help out for 15 minutes and the kid thought he was bigger than me.  Well he is, but that’s not the point.   He barely even looked my way and said he wasn’t going to.  I said he was done playing that game and he said “yeah right” and closed the door.  Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh boy……….  so he doesn’t think I can do anything.  I unplugged the wireless router and a mad boy opens the door.  I have the plug in my hand.  So he goes back in the room and sulks but refuses to help.  Fine……… stay in there with your laptop shaped paperweight.  I ended up bundling up like I was going outside so I could answer the door while Riley went out.   He wasn’t gone long and he took over.  He even fished out some chocolate for his mom :O)  What a good boy.  I hope he stays that way.

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  1. Teenagers! Some give you more grief than others. But, I confess, I broke out laughing when you unplugged the router on him!! Senior, huh? Well, he’ll be leaving home soon. Once he’s out on his own he’ll find out what the world outside of WarCraft is all about. Being a teenager is like going through the terrible twos with them again…only worse–LOL!

    What a night! Barking dog and barking son. Thank goodness Riley was helpful and considerate. That will get him farther in the dating world than being a snappy conversationalist. 😉 Enjoy your chocolate!! As Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day.

  2. Yeah, I was pretty proud of my cleverness but of course it meant I couldn’t use the internet either DOH! Oh well, I do have other things to do. He came out several more times seemingly looking for something to eat or do use the bathroom but really, he was looking to see if I hooked it back up. He will never apologize – I know that. My husband works right around the corner from his school and he was giving him a ride every morning in the toasty warm car so he didn’t have to stand at the corner in the wind and snow waiting for the bus but he made his dad mad and until he apologizes he wont get a ride. He gets that stubborness from me but at least I knew WHEN to be stubborn.

    I love your comments Rita :O)

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