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I didn’t fare so well yesterday. I woke up around 11:30 and was glad to be awake during the day but then I started hurting and when I tried to do anything I had a hard time focusing. I tried to read a little but I was too tired even though I just woke up! Finally I went and laid down but I couldn’t sleep because I was hurting so bad. I have OA and usually it is in my hands but when my larger joints start hurting I just don’t handle it well. My shoulders and hips were hurting. I’m sure it is from going out in the cold Sunday. I tried so hard to avoid getting cold though. I bundled up in a warm coat, hat, gloves and scarf and drove from my warm garage to the church. I just had to walk through the cold and wind to get inside and then I had to wait a bit for some young children in front of me to get in the door. When it was time to go someone at church started my car for me so it would be warm but again…. I had to walk outside. I was achy the whole time I was at church and ever since then but today was the worst. I took some ibuprofen and slept all day until 5:30 this morning!

Well hopefully it’s over now and I can get some things done at home. I’ve been taking it easy so far because I’m leery of it coming back. I was checking my email and playing around on a bit and found this neat little item that reminded me of a dear friend I have with a sweet Feline LOL I wonder if she already has one of these.  I’m only half laughing because I’m a little OCD myself.  My kids used to tell me I was like Monk.

Source: via Jane on Pinterest



Here is another thing I found that was neat!

Source: via Jane on Pinterest




And one more…. I’m always having a hard time whisking things because of pain in my hands and wrist so I really like this idea.

Wish it were a Sunday…. That’s my fun day


Well Sunday was my birthday.  I really wanted to go  to church on my birthday since I haven’t been able to make it in a while.  My husband went to a card game at his friend’s house Saturday night and came home around 1am or something like that.  I woke up when he came in and couldn’t get back to sleep.  He and I started talking and playing games on the Kindle together and I stayed up until time to go to church and he stayed up with me!!!! It was so good to see my friends at church.  I really miss talking with people.  When I’m not feeling well for so long I don’t get out at all and it gets really lonely.  Plus I get my sleeping schedule mixed up and then I’m awake when everyone else is sleeping so then I’m really alone.  It was so good to spend that time talking with my husband and then seeing so many friends at church.  They are going on a temple trip in January and I really want to go.  I’ve never been to a temple and I’m really curious.  The Anchorage temple is the closest so the church is chartering a bus.  I really hope I can go  but I’m also nervous about going without my husband.  He doesn’t do church stuff.

When I got home I was hurting because of getting cold but I was hungry too so I made Thanksgiving dinner LOL  Since I didn’t get to have any on Thursday I got out all the fixings.  I made stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy…..baked some Pillsbury biscuits and got out the cranberry sauce.  Then we all just reheated some turkey from Thursday.  Riley had a friend that spent the night and he had brought a box of mac n’ cheese.  He was pretty glad to have roast beast instead.  This kid is great too.  I spent some time talking to him last night and I wanted to adopt him!!!!!  He’s in Riley’s 8th grade class and we was also at the poetry slam.  I saw him there and  I wished Riley would make friends with a kid like that.  Then Riley comes home from school one day with him.  Yes!  He just moved off the military base so he’s really close now.  He’s really smart and is great to talk to.  He’s great for Riley too because Riley tends to say things like “I can’t do that” or “I’m not strong enough” and this kid tells him he’s wrong.  One time I heard him tell Riley he was a lot smarter than he thought he was.  This kid reminds me a lot of my older son Jared only he is more outgoing.  I think that is why Riley likes him.  He wants to do things with his brother but Jared just stays cooped up in his room and reads or is on the computer.  Anyway, he’s a good friend and opened up some fantastic conversations at our house!  I love him!

Well after I ate and then beat my husband at words with friends on the kindle I was extremely tired.  I tried to stay awake as long as I could and knit for a while but I eventually lost the battle.  I went to sleep around 4pm and woke up about 1 am again.  I really hate waking up when everyone else is sleeping!  My dog really missed me though.  I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’d spent time with her.  She heard me as soon as I came out of my room and pounced out to see me.  She cried and cried and leapt up on my lap and tried to lick me.  I don’t do face licks since I know where else she licks!  Now she’s sleeping on my lap and making it hard to type.

I do feel better than I have in a while.  I think that is mainly from getting out and seeing people!  I have to do that more often.  I feel like working on some mandalas.  I’m way behind in the class.


BUSTED! In more ways than one


I took a marathon nap Saturday and when I woke up after midnight I realized that I didn’t post for Saturday!  OH no, there goes my streak of posting everyday for the month of November.  I made it most of the way anyway.

Well I was doing pretty good on days until I suddenly got tired on Friday around 5pm.  I made myself stay awake as long as I could but around 6pm I was in bed.  I slept until maybe 2am and then couldn’t sleep anymore.  So I was back on the night shift again.  I started reading my kindle thinking I could stay kinda sleepy and end up falling back to sleep again.  Well, not only did that not work but I ended up dropping my kindle and breaking the screen.  I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad!!  But it wasn’t obviously broken at that time.  It just seemed to be frozen.  What was on the screen was just stuck there.  I thought it just needed to be reset.  So I put it aside to wait until my tech support woke up.  As soon as my hubby woke up I showed it to him and he tried to figure out how to reset it.  He tried looking online and trying different things.  Nothing worked but the screen started to look a little different.  It is divided by lines that separate the corners in triangular shapes.  The majority of the top part of the screen is still frozen on the last thing I was looking at.  Other parts of it changed to just white and one small corner at the bottom was still working with some lines in it.  You could see the text change when you hit the button to turn the page.  So, it seems the screen is broken but the kindle still works.  I was thinking about contacting support to see how much it would cost to repair it when Chris said we should go do some stuff for my birthday.  So we got ready to go.  He asked where I wanted to eat and all I could think about was french fries!!!!!!  So we went to McDonalds (I’m a cheap date).  Then we went to walmart and he bought me some new cool pajama’s with the grinch on them!  The pants are plaid with a warm yellow green and black and pictures of the grinch.  The top is black, long sleeved and has the grinch down the right side with a few snowflakes.  They are cute!  He also bought me a set of matching hat, scarf and gloves with this neat black and white zigzag pattern.  When we were in the car he asked where my gloves and hat were and I said I hadn’t made them yet LOL  So he bought me some so I don’t have to knit some.  I’m still going to make that neat hat from a few posts back though!  I had a bunch of fun just hanging out with him but guess what else he bought me????!??!?!?!?!!  A Kindle Fire!  It’s in color and is like having a small ipad.  I love it!  Funny thing  is I still miss my old Kindle.  All my books transferred over to my new kindle but the games that were designed for the other kindle are gone.  I will really miss those grid type games and word games.  I feel really bad that I broke something so expensive.  That version with the keyboard is cheaper now than it was when I got it.  I keep thinking of the money wasted.  I did get some good use out of it but I took really good care of it……… until I dropped it that is.

So now I’m in my new pajamas all warm and comfy and I’m going to go read a book on my new Kindle :O)

I’m going to live


I feel a little bit better today and I’ve managed to stay awake during the day although I’m starting to droop.  I woke up about 5 am today and even though I laid down a little while when I was freezing to death I didn’t actually sleep.  I had to take Riley to the store to exchange a game that didn’t work and I decided to stop by Joann’s and get some yarn to make Blue girl a sweater.  I guess I forgot it was Black Friday!  People were driving crazy and the lines in the stores were so long they needed little water tables along the way.  I wore my trusty old parka that my sister sent me a while back .  It’s nearly impossible to get cold in that but somehow I did and I started to hurt by the time I got home.  Now my hands are aching and my legs are killing me.  I put on my snugly footed pj’s and I’m ready to take something and go to bed.  I was just trying to stay awake a little longer than this so I can make sure to stay on days.  Its only about 6 pm right now but I just keep thinking if I take something and get to bed my hands might not be hurting tomorrow so I can start knitting that sweater for Blue.

I was working on my crocodile stitch scarf earlier today and I can’t wait till it’s finished.  It reminds me of angel wings with the sparkle in the white yarn.  I have decided that I’m going to sew a piece of white fleece to the backside to make it softer on the inside.




I cooked a great turkey.  I melted some real butter, minced a garlic clove and added some sea salt, white pepper and ground mustard.  Mixed that all up and brushed my turkey often with the mixture several times throughout baking.  It turned out so good according to everyone else.  I got sick though and couldn’t even eat dinner.  I don’t know what happened but my stomach got so upset and I started re-fluxing.  I felt miserable.  I took something and then laid down but I had to keep getting up to  check on the food.  When everything was done I pulled it out for everyone and went back to bed.  I didn’t even eat anything but a bun.  I just woke up a little while ago and had some mashed potatoes.  I’m going to go back to bed and have a better day tomorrow.