Daily Archives: November 2, 2011

Art Every Day


I was starting to get worried that I wouldn’t get anything done today.  Today was a good day to do something creative since my hands weren’t hurting or shaking as bad but of course my creative juices were sapped.  So I ended up re-doing my Christmas Zentangle on watercolor paper.  I have a bigger picture that I’m working on but it has become a challenge for me.  I’ve never successfully drawn any kind of animal before.  I’ve attempted to draw my dog blue before and that turned out scary!  I can draw people faces well but animal faces…. bad!  So I’m going to work on this for a while and see what I can do.  I’ve made the picture I want to paint my desktop so I can study it better.  Maybe seeing it more often will help too.

I am thinking about this year’s Christmas cards. 

New Christmas Zentangle

I’m thinking this would be cute if I can get it just right.  I think I might add a little something to this but I don’t have what I want to use right now.   I have to add that my camera really brightens up the yellow.  It is much more subtle and blended then it appears here.  The “lights” on the sides of the tree are also soft and blended and here they look like harsh blops of paint.  I’m kinda happy with this though. 

You know, I’m finding it is really helpful to take a picture of what I’ve painted and look at it on-screen.  I often see details that I want to change or add.  Or I get a whole new idea and start over again.  I guess its kinda like looking at your art in the mirror or seeing it from “the other side” (observer side/vs. artist)

I’m glad I’m doing this :O)

Blog from a Dog


A-hem! Blue has something to say.....

You know what’s wrong with today’s world?  Food isn’t falling from the sky!  I don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with overfeeding.  I really think the vet just has it in for me.  I mean, really?  Why should I starve every day just so I can live longer when I’ll be unable to see, let alone, chace the squirrels?  What kind of life is that?  No, just give me a steak… and some bacon and let me die a happy death. 
Feed me Seymuor!
Okay, that’s enough.  Get down Blue! 
So I’m still sick and now my Ry Guy is sick too!  Riley has been curled into a ball on his bed all day.  I feel so bad for him since he is the “Good son” LOL
That’s not fair actually.  Jared has been helping out a lot around the house and doing his chores and his brother’s too.  I’m just still mad that he tricked me into forgetting I was mad at him LOL
It’s really pretty outside.  The trees are coated in snow and frost and it’s really hard to capture with the  iphone camera but the sun really is up there behind the clouds.  The sky is glowing and the bare branches of the trees are sparkling like they are coated in sugar.  I snuck out super fast and snapped a picture.  And I do mean fast!  I was like lightening!  I’m pretty sure my neighbor heard me say hello but when she looked I was gondie! 
It really isn’t that cold here yet.  Its 3 degrees and that’s not bad for this time of year.  There must be an air leak in one of my windows because one of my plants, a miniature rose, looked pretty dead this morning.  I was heart-broken thinking it was dead but now that I’ve doctored it a bit I think it is savable.  ARGH!  Spellcheck thinks “savable” isn’t a word.  So I looked it up. 

Definition for savable:

Web definitions:
Capable of being saved.

Such a sad sight

Sorry, I know that is a blurry picture but my hands shake.  I have a familial tremor.  Anyway, I cleaned off all of the dead leaves and there are a few that are still green.  Some of the stems had to be trimmed off because they turned black.  I hate to see this plant like this after I saved it from the store.  I bought it at Fred Meyer and it was sick.  It had a big fat sticker on it that said “50% off” which is funny to me.  This plant is dying so you can have it for half off!  Anyway, I nursed it back to health and it had the most beautiful dark red blooms I’m ever seen!  So now I have to save it again and not put it back in that window. 

I’m missing my watercolor  class today which makes me really sad.  I miss my friend Chuck who paints with me!  I thought I’d do everyone a favor though and keep my germs to myself. 
Again, just like yesterday, I’ll have to post whatever creativeness happens later.  I never feel good enough to paint or otherwise get creative until later in the evening.