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I was starting to get worried that I wouldn’t get anything done today.  Today was a good day to do something creative since my hands weren’t hurting or shaking as bad but of course my creative juices were sapped.  So I ended up re-doing my Christmas Zentangle on watercolor paper.  I have a bigger picture that I’m working on but it has become a challenge for me.  I’ve never successfully drawn any kind of animal before.  I’ve attempted to draw my dog blue before and that turned out scary!  I can draw people faces well but animal faces…. bad!  So I’m going to work on this for a while and see what I can do.  I’ve made the picture I want to paint my desktop so I can study it better.  Maybe seeing it more often will help too.

I am thinking about this year’s Christmas cards. 

New Christmas Zentangle

I’m thinking this would be cute if I can get it just right.  I think I might add a little something to this but I don’t have what I want to use right now.   I have to add that my camera really brightens up the yellow.  It is much more subtle and blended then it appears here.  The “lights” on the sides of the tree are also soft and blended and here they look like harsh blops of paint.  I’m kinda happy with this though. 

You know, I’m finding it is really helpful to take a picture of what I’ve painted and look at it on-screen.  I often see details that I want to change or add.  Or I get a whole new idea and start over again.  I guess its kinda like looking at your art in the mirror or seeing it from “the other side” (observer side/vs. artist)

I’m glad I’m doing this :O)

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  1. Love the Christmas tree! It’s hard to get a good picture. It’s something I juggle with also. 🙂 I’ve made mini-movies of my artwork over the years and it’s really neat to see how much your style evolves over the years. I just watched a bit from Visionaries where James Cameron said he used to take his paintings and hang them on the back of the bathroom door. He would then look into the mirror and was able to catch anything that needed tweaking. I think taking pictures of our artwork is similar to that. 🙂

    Keep up and I hope you continue to feel better each day!

  2. I’m having the same problem – this first week has been very busy on it’s own so already I’m feeling the push of keeping up. But I’m looking at a fairly clean calendar next week and should be able to get back to some of my process pictures. meanwhile quick zentangles work – I LOVE zentangles, thus am enchanted by your tangled tree! Look forward to seeing more!

  3. Lovely Christmas tree, I love the soft colours in the background, too. I like taking pictures and also the mirror trick for getting a fresh perspective on what I’ve just drawn. It’s amazing what you can pick up that way.

  4. Yes! This would make a cute Christmas card! That’s an idea…doing one card and getting them printed…hummm…I only did that once a long time before my DIL and I started making our Christmas cards together. But then…I make birthday cards and she doesn’t…hummm. You have been inspirational for me today, lady! 😉

    I can’t draw people or animals. I keep trying on occasion over the years, but I’m still just not talented in that department. Never tried the camera trick. I only have photographed them when they are done. Might have to try that, too.

    Have a great day!! 🙂

  5. Cute, Donna! I’ve looked at some of the Zentangle books before, but never tried it myself. I’m pretty bad at any kind of drawing. :p
    Maybe someday.

    • Rebekah, you should try zentangles. It is really fun and relaxing. You can’t really do it wrong…. well, my tree isn’t really the proper way to do it. Zentangles are not supposed to have a right way up. They are supposed to look good from any angle. But I decided to do my own thing and just play. Just type it into youtube and check out some videos. I saw one person traced their hand and used that as a frame to fill. It looked really neat. Some people have really huge foreheads and I’ve always wanted to utilize that space LOL I bought some of the new colored sharpie “pens”. You can get them really fine. You can find designs to use on youtube or on the internet…or the books of course but I just made up my own for the Christmas tree. The kids would like it too!

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