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Art Every Day – Nov 3


I didn’t get very far with my animal face so I ended up doing something I’m more familiar with…. human faces. 

This is by far not finished. 

Unfinished face

For better or for worse


Well, I’m getting better.  I just have this nasty sore throat but otherwise I’m feeling better!  Riley went to school today so he’s feeling better too but Jared stayed home sick.  I didn’t even know he was here until a little while ago.  I was sitting on the couch working on something in my quiet little house thinking I was completely alone when I hear this cough.  I will tell you….That is very unsettling.   Then, out of the bedroom comes this zombie staggering to the bathroom and scratching his butt.  I said, “Why didn’t you go to school today?” and the zombie said “I…. mumble mumble…..cough cough!”  So I gave it some medicine and sent it back to bed. 

Riley will be home soon and can take care of all the chores like his brother did yesterday.  Oh wait, the zombie actually took out the trash!   He must have been on autopilot. 

So, I’ve been thinking about starting a daycare.  I used to watch kids when my kids were little because I couldn’t stand to let someone else take care of my babies.  So I added to my horde and we had some great times playing at parks and painting and making all kinds of art!   Then, after my oldest started school and my Ry guy started preschool I wanted to get out and get a job.  I loved working!  I was the queen of Michael’s arts and crafts customer service desk.  I ran the front end and supervised the other cashiers (sometimes helping them count LOL) and was comforted knowing my kiddo’s were just around the corner.  Then, as they grew up and so did I, I moved on to various other jobs.   I worked at a bank in the mortgage loan department as a receptionist and finally as a loan processor until I realized I was in the wrong place.  I went to school to be a CNA (nurses aid) and got a job at the hospital as an endo tech where they do scopes on people.  That was the coolest job in the world for me.  I worked in the OR a little bit too and I was just in awe at seeing the insides of things and really understanding how the body works and in some cases helping the doctors fix it.  Then tragedy struck….. I’ve always wanted to say that.  It sounds so dramatic.  Well, it wasn’t really like that….. it was rather sneaky.  I started feeling bad gradually.  Finally it got to the point were I was in so much pain I was worried about making mistakes at work and I didn’t want to be responsible for letting someone fall or messing up their test results.  I was out on medical leave for a long time and saw a slew of doctors.  Finally, a doctor said I have fibromyalgia and OA (osteo-arthritis)…… and that I wont ever get better.  And on top of that I’m very sensitive to medicines so I have bad reactions to them and usually can’t handle a high enough dose to do any good.  Most medicines make me sleep all day and I’d rather deal with pain then sleep my life away.  So I quit my job and I’ve been at home ever since.  I’ve been looking for a job where I can do desk work but so far nothing has panned out.   No one wants me *sob*

Well, my regular doctor finally came up with some medications that help a lot and come in a low enough dose that I can stay awake.  I actually feel normal and as long as I’m not doing anything too strenuous I don’t have bad pain.  It’s also not something that makes me impaired so I can drive.  So now my main concern is dealing with the sleeping issues.   Sometimes I can’t sleep at night and I get my days and nights mixed up.  I think I can figure that out though….

I’ve always wanted to help people.  So I don’t want to just watch children I want to be able to help families who may not have the money for the crazy prices that daycare’s charge or maybe help take care of a child with some physical or learning disabilities.  I did some calling around back in September and found out that there is training available for that.  I have the application to be an approved provider for the state of Alaska and I have it filled out ready to go except for my “disaster preparedness plan”.  That kind of stumped me.  It says I have to cover all types of emergencies including ….. well events that don’t happen here.  So what do I say I’m going to do if a tsunami strikes when I live nowhere near the ocean?  What does anyone do for that matter.  A mud slide?  Where is the mud going to come from?  The ground is pretty flat here.  I’m not really that close to a river so if it flooded it probably wouldn’t get to me.  We get some earthquakes and power outages (which can be bad because of the extreme temperatures).   So…. I have to give this some thought and get it sent in so they can do the background checks and find out we are not the Mansons.